It’s not called Show “ART”…

It’s called Show “BIZ”!

virtual workshops

The Virtual Workshop is offered in FOUR – 4 Topic Week Sessions each year!

  • FALL

live workshops

Perfect for Schools & Conservatories, the Live Workshop is available in 1, 3, and 5 day Sessions.   It provides your students with essential information, while saving the time and expense of developing new courses.  

private sessions

Need individual assistance?  Book a 1-on-1 ProSkills Session with Creator/Host Fredi Walker-Browne.  She will help you tailor your course of action specifically to your needs.


The  Professional Skills for Actors Workshop™

gives the participant the expertise to turn their training into a career as a Professional Actor in a time and cost efficient way.
The Workshop takes the participant step-by-step through a series of business, administrative, and life skills that can make the difference between an “aspiring” and a “working” actor.

“One of the most difficult aspects of life as an Actor, is finding that elusive balance between the demands of the industry and the desires of the-artist-within. Many actors spend great amounts of money and time training to become artists, and then are thrown into the Biz with grand expectations and little-to-no preparation. The professional and life skills necessary to sustain a career as an actor, or in the entertainment industry in general, are not taught in any significant, unified, or large scale way.  A number of University and Conservatories with 4-year and graduate acting programs do not offer a course like this as a part of their curriculum; and in these fiscally lean days, adding new classes, even those truly needed, is difficult – if not impossible. This is why I created this workshop series.”

Fredi Walker-Browne